What happens at the end of my licence agreement?

Many of our holiday home owners choose to upgrade their accommodation by taking advantage of our favourable part-exchange rates before their Pitch Licence Agreement comes to an end. This allows them to continue enjoying the numerous benefits of owning a holiday home at Beverley Holidays.

In the event that you decide not to continue with ownership once your Pitch Licence Agreement expires, we have established connections with several trade contacts who may be interested in purchasing your holiday home from you.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you have the option to have your caravan removed from the site. Our park will coordinate the process by arranging for your caravan to be taken off the pitch and made available for collection by a caravan transportation company of your choice.

Please note that a disconnection and de-siting charge is applicable for removing a caravan from its pitch. The specific amount may vary depending on the location and whether the use of a crane is necessary.

Any charges that you have paid in advance, such as site fees, local authority rates and water charges will be refunded on a pro-rata basis.

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