Can we sublet our holiday home?

Yes! Many of our owners choose to sublet. With Beverley Holidays boasting an extended 11-month season, there’s plenty of time to make the most of your home away from home. There will be times when you don’t need to use your holiday caravan, so why not offset some of your running costs by subletting your holiday home when it’s not being used?

Subletting Privately

As a holiday home owner, you are welcome to sublet your caravan privately. When subletting privately you will handle all bookings, payments, queries, and housekeeping. We can offer a reception check-in, however, this is billable. For more information on privately subletting your holiday caravan please contact our sales team.

Subletting Scheme

Subletting your holiday home with Newmans really is simple. Their friendly specialist team are on hand to take care of all aspects of the subletting process, leaving you to sit back and relax. What’s more, they’ve been doing this since 1996, so you can be guaranteed that your holiday home is going to be well and truly looked after. For more subletting info with Newmans




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